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DBT Aero, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and a development center in Kalispell, MT, was formed in 2019 to commercialize the Synergy Technology Platform (STP) of ultra-efficient advanced integrated drag reduction and the “Synergy Prime” technology demonstrator to permanently solve the problems impeding profitable, on-demand regional air transportation.


The Problem

By automobile or by commercial airline, travel and movement is slower, more inconvenient, expensive and polluting than it needs to be. Air Mobility and Air Transport have not evolved far enough to meet the current on-demand needs for people and product. The modernization of aircraft requires a new level of efficiency not attainable by current eVTOL and other aircraft modernization initiatives.

The Solution

DBT Aero has developed patent, protected solutions that produce quiet, comfortable, efficient, high speed aircraft—electric, hybrid, hydrogen, and combustion—at scales from small UAVs to regional passenger aircraft. The result is on-demand passenger or cargo mobility, from anywhere to anywhere at a cost, speed and efficiency not seen elsewhere in the air transportation industry. Now that’s freedom & flexibility.



The Result

The laminar flow aerodynamics and other technologies embodied in our’Synergy Prime’ technology demonstrator will reveal the true keys to regional transport of people, goods & services:

  • faster door-to-door times
  • higher lift per wingspan yields lower operating costs, i.e., lower cost per pound transported
  • larger cabin volume is more spacious & comfortable
  • mass manufacturable low asset cost
  • efficient, low to zero carbon propulsion systems
  • extremely quiet inside and out

‘Synergy Prime’ can use the more than 13,000 airports that already exist in communities across the U.S. Nearly every community nationwide is within 20 minutes of one of these airports. Communities large and small communities already have the infrastructure needed for new opportunities including passenger air travel, same day or overnight delivery of goods and more.

Where We’re Going

DBT Aero Inc. has a pipeline of future innovations in aeronautics, manufacturing and propulsion systems.

Our focus is to deliver a family of aircraft based on the Synergy Technology Platform (STP) at scales from small UAVs to large regional transport. These solutions will provide lower cost-per-mile solutions for growing air mobility and air transport needs…and true no compromise electric or hydrogen solutions.


Meet Our Team

John Paul Noyes


John Paul Noyes is a 30 years serial entrepreneur and 25 year commercial pilot. He is a professional Bush pilot, Certified Flight Instructor, Multi Engine Commercial pilot and Aerobatic pilot who is trained in many single engine, multi engine, turbine and jet aircraft. He grew up as the son of an Alaskan doctor making house calls by airplane. John Paul owns his own aircraft, which he flies extensively for business. John Paul is a disciplined leader holding multiple Black Belts. He trains high level athletes as well as coordinating the USA Taekwondo National coaching staff for the Amateur Athletic Union. He has an intense focus on the recruitment, development and training processes that are at the heart of every successful organization. John Paul’s focus is utilizing breakthrough technologies & developing teams to become cohesive, agile and principled leaders. He is, himself, a highly respected community leader.

Michael Duke

Director, CFO & COO

Michael Duke is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator and business executive. He bought, turned around, operated and sold a Fixed Base Operation (FBO) with a Part 145 certificate, co-founded a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) import & distribution company and pioneered the first night legal & IFR equipped LSA for flight training. Michael rose through the ranks of a Fortune 200 manufacturer working in logistics, consumer products, R&D and IT. As an enterprise architect & IT migration specialist, he developed & operated a corporate cloud computing network tying together disparate operating systems and hardware architectures for 1,200 scientists on 3 continents in 1995—years before cloud computing was thought possible. Michael has been a management consultant for what is now Oliver Wyman with a focus on telephony and technology migration strategies, worked independently with clients to improve profitability, cash flow, strategy, execution & staffing, has been a Vistage Chair and is an operations & financial management contributing author. Michael is a Private Pilot Single Engine Land & Sea with a tailwheel endorsement and EAA Chapter leader.  



Tom Hatfield

Director, Acting CTO

Always at the forefront of technology innovation, Tom currently serves as a Senior Satellite and Cyber Systems Engineer at the Aerospace Corporation. Over the course of his career, he has led large scale initiatives in spacecraft development and operations, cyber development and operations, strategic planning, and talent management. Tom is a former Chief Development Engineer for the National Reconnaissance Office and a former offensive Cyber Development Engineering Chief for the federal government. He has worked as a program manager with some of the most respected advanced technology aerospace and defense contractors in the country and filled top technical and management positions across the intelligence community where he earned the highest-level Program Management and Systems Engineering certifications. First earning a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, Tom went on to Purdue University, earning a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing. He currently serves as a mentor for FIRST Robotics and is an active EAA member. Tom also donates his time as a consultant for providing sustainable clean water supply systems for relief efforts in Haiti. He currently resides on a small working farm in Northern Virginia with Alcinda, his wife of 28 years, and is the proud father of three extremely talented children.

Martin Capriles


Martin Capriles is a serial entrepreneur. He is a Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at InEnTec Inc. whose PEM gasifier technology safely transforms virtually any waste into ultra-clean fuels, valuable products and efficiently recycles plastic. Martin is a founder of PEMTx Energy, a start-up leveraging technology to produce clean, sustainable energy products. He is a former board member of Surfside Coffee, Infinium Inc. and CEMEX Venezuela as well as a former Managing Director of Meta Capital Investment Group. Martin is a Commercial pilot and MBA graduate of MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

Dan Pace

Board Advisor

Dan Pace spent most of his working life as an accounting and finance professional. After graduating from Notre Dame with a BA in accounting he became a Certified Public Accountant. Dan spent 10 years working for Deloitte & Touche working his way up from a Staff Accountant to a Senior Manager. Dan then spent 15 years at Merrill Lynch where he worked in Merrill’s Global Mortgage and Asset-backed business, sub-prime lending business, managed Merrill’s loan trading book and associated securitized products. Dan went to Tokyo for 5 years as Merrill’s Managing Director & Head of their Global Structured Finance & Investments business. In 2005 Merrill Lynch transferred Dan to London to head the Global Structured Finance and Investments business for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In 2012 Dan left the world of structured finance behind choosing to become a small business owner with a long-time friend. When Dan returned to the U.S., he completed his Private Pilot License. He bought a Cirrus SR-22 that he flew to AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI where he met members of the DBT Aero team. He was intrigued with the potential technology at the core of the Synergy Project and invested to assist in validating the technology through a full-scale demonstrator.