DBT Aero announces senior leadership changes; former IC Advanced Research Director Joins DBT Aero; Co-Founder McGinnis Departs

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — DBT Aero today announced the dismissal of aviation inventor John W. McGinnis for violations of the Company’s policies following a lengthy internal investigation. Filling the seat previously occupied by Mr. McGinnis, Tom Hatfield, currently a Senior Satellite & Cyber Systems Engineer at the Aerospace Corporation and formerly an Intelligence Community (IC) Deputy Director for Advanced Research, has been named a director and acting CTO.

“The board left no stone unturned to resolve these issues in a professional manner for the benefit of all shareholders” commented Mr. Hatfield, previously a board observer. “Although Mr. McGinnis’ departure is a sad day for everyone at DBT Aero, we remain committed to bringing ultra-efficient, 100% sustainable flight to multiple markets. I have lived by the phrase, ‘what you dare to dream, dare to do’. While I am definitely a dreamer, my true joy comes from helping others turn those dreams into reality!”

Always at the forefront of technology innovation, Mr. Hatfield has decades of experience in state-of-the-art development systems engineering from multi-billion dollar satellite systems at the National Reconnaissance Office to trailblazing research at DARPA and IARPA. Over the course of his career, he has led large scale initiatives in spacecraft development and operations, cyber development and operations, strategic planning, and talent management.

He has worked as a program manager with some of the most respected advanced technology aerospace and defense contractors [mention the names of the companies if you can] in the country and filled top technical and management positions across the Intelligence Community where he earned the highest-level Program Management and Systems Engineering certifications.

First earning a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology, Mr. Hatfield went on to Purdue University, earning a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing. He currently serves as a mentor for FIRST Robotics and is an active EAA member. Mr. Hatfield also donates his time as a consultant for providing sustainable clean water supply systems for relief efforts in Haiti. Originally hailing from Indiana, he now resides in Northern Virginia.

About DBT Aero Inc.  DBT Aero, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and a development center in Kalispell, MT, was formed in 2019 to commercialize the ultra-efficient advanced integrated drag reduction technologies and aircraft designs pioneered by Synergy Aircraft and Exponent Aircraft. DBT Aero has built and tested multiple unmanned aircraft ranging from a 5 foot wingspan 3D printed autonomous testbed to an 11 foot wingspan high payload, long range drone. Just months away from full envelope flight testing, the company is currently taxi testing the manned “Synergy Prime” technology demonstrator to permanently solve the problems impeding profitable, carbon free or carbon neutral, on-demand regional air transportation.