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The Need for Active Measures to Combat Atmospheric Viscosity Provides Solutions.

Aircraft that fly in the 150-400 MPH range need an update that will allow for much greater efficiency. The Synergy Technology Platform combats atmospheric viscosity resulting in social, economic and environmentally sound solutions.

DBT Aero’s Synergy Technology Platform has a 6x comprehensive flight efficiency benefit with the additional benefits of being, quiet, scalable, mass manufacturable and patented stall resistant features.

A mile of highway can only take you a mile, but a mile of runway can take you ANYWHERE.  There are over 5,000 underutilize airports in the U.S. alone. These underused, readily available, highly accessible airports provide an enormous opportunity for the right aircraft. These public airports are just waiting for the correct business plan.  DBT Aero is developing an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technology demonstrator known internally as Synergy Prime. This AAM vehicle—with electric, hybrid or combustion propulsion—will demonstrate the dreamed of potential for quiet, low cost, Point-to-Point Regional Air Mobility (RAM).  Imagine using any one of these 5,000 airports for arrivals, departures, deliveries and emergency services with little to no environmental impact.  Imagine the time savings associated with point-to-point, on-demand neighborhood travel rather than long commutes to a large commercial airport with long screening lines, long waits for flights and more waiting for connecting flights. Imagine overnight delivery to literally every town utilizing these neighborhood airports. Imagine your air transportation solution being less than 20 minutes away for most Americans.

Our landmark patents opened the door to gaining stability, control, and stall resistance in a span-efficient form that works for high speed flight.

Passive Drag Reduction

Synergy begins by enabling conventional drag reduction techniques at low cost. Every part of the aircraft works together to maximize Natural Laminar Flow… while minimizing interference drag, induced drag, and turbulence. Its 3-D wing/tail system reaches the highest possible ‘span efficiency’ and is the perfect aerodynamic catalyst for economy at high speed. The large tail configuration creates exceptional stability and control by means of induced drag reduction, plus great low speed handling and stall resistance.

Double Boxtail

Synergy’s patented ‘Double Boxtail’ arrangement allows a simpler, stronger wing of the minimum induced drag for a given wing span loading.

Negative loading of large tails, at just the right amounts to optimize these drag reduction benefits, and provides a smoother, more stable, stall resistance, and better handling flight.


Synergy cfd example

Active Drag Reduction

In addition to its comprehensive use of ‘conventional’ aerodynamic advantages, Synergy Prime has been designed for the ability to use active drag reduction. A small amount of energy can be used to control the behavior of air close to the skin, resulting in a tremendous reduction in overall power requirements. Boundary layer control can be used to minimize drag by creating ‘pressure thrust’ and up to 100% laminar flow.  Other unique technologies we are able to incorporate in this unique design are the follow;

Pressure Thrust

Boundary Layer Control

Subsonic Area Ruling

Wake Immersed Propulsion

Synergy Prime Technology Demonstrator Preliminary Information

Wingspan: 32.4 ft*
Overall length: 21.4 ft
Overall height, gear down: 10.8 ft
Fuselage width: 60″
Seating, 5-7 passengers:
Empty weight: <1650 lbs
Gross weight: >3100 lbs
Wing area: 156 sq. ft.
Prop: Proprietary Wake Impeller.
Controls: pushrod actuation Elevons + rudder on each V-Tails + split flaps.
Landing gear: tricycle, retractable, trailing link mains

     * Synergy has a high ‘span efficiency’ “e”, near the theoretical maximum of 1.47.