DBT Aero - Regional Air Mobility Solutions

Introducing an Unprecedented Leap in Aeronautical Technology.

Welcome to the Future of Flight!

Unveiling the Double Box Tail (DBT) signifies a paradigm shift in aeronautical innovation, elevating sustainability with unparalleled advantages.

Elevating Sustainability, Reducing Operational Costs

  • #1 in efficient & fuel-flexible aviation solutions
  • Unparalleled advantages & unsurpassed smoothness
  • 30% increase in lift
  • Up to 50% reduction in fuel consumption

Technology Advanced

  • Pioneering the best ideas in aerodynamics & sustainability
  • Advanced laminar flow fuselage
  • Radically reduced drag
  • Superior flight stability

Affordable, safe, and scalable technology for every class of subsonic aircraft from sUAS to cargo, air ambulance, business jet, commercial airliner, and freighter.

Airworthiness Certificate Awarded

DBT awarded airworthiness certificate

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