Operators Rating

A Remarkable Breakthrough

Fuel Efficient/Electric

3x greater Fuel Efficiency allows for aviation fuels and SAF today, Electric or Hydrogen in the future


Achieves 2x the expected Speed for a given Energy Input (Fuel Burn) through Proprietary Drag Reduction


A far quieter aircraft is realized by utilizing rear propulsion, laminar-flow aerodynamics and lower prop tip speeds


Our laminar flow fuselage creates a larger, more spacious cabin than competing aircraft

DBT Aero’s Synergy Technology Platform—Unprecedented Energy Efficiency—is the 4th Revolution in Aviation

“Synergy Prime” introduces a new era of aviation through paradigm shifting performance and economics

Our Synergy Technology Platform (STP) is the doorway to practical, truly efficient electric flight

Point-to-point, on-demand (ODM), Regional Air Mobility (RAM) is economically viable for the first time

Synergy Prime—faster, more economical and greener than any other form of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)—is the right investment

Aviation’s 4th Revolution

  • Lowest cost per seat-mile/ton-mile
  • Carbon Neutral to Carbon Free
  • Longest distance per energy/fuel consumed
  • Adaptable to future propulsion technologies
  • Electric/Hybrid/SAF/Petro/Hydrogen
  • Most Direct routing
  • Future autonomous
  • Highly durable airframe
  • Low number of highly integrated parts
  • Patented DBT or Double Box Tail configuration
  • Modular design and scalability
  • Safer for passengers and cargo
  • Greater stability and control means a smoother ride
  • Simple to operate
  • Point-to-Point
  • Reduces door-to-door travel & delivery times
  • Capable of slow, short-field landings
  • Longer range with larger payloads and longer loiter times
  • Low cost, mass manufacturability
  • Low heat, radar and acoustic signature
  • Multiple missions—cargo, air taxi, regional commuter, business or personal aviation, drone/UAV and military