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DBT Aero’s Synergy Technology Platform is the 4th Revolution in Aviation.

First there was Powered Flight, next came Turbine Powered Flight, then Electrification and now Unprecedented Affordability.

DBT Aero’s “Synergy Prime” technology demonstrator is Fast, Quiet, Comfortable, Safe, Long Range, Mass Manufacturable and Cost Efficient.

A Remarkable Breakthrough

DBT Aero’s mission is to benefit Humanity and the Earth through the implementation of our technologies for Greener, Safer, more Affordable, Personal, Business and Cargo Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

Our technology demonstrator, Synergy Prime, is a beautiful example of a practical future for aviation. It’s a safer, faster, more comfortable, energy efficient, cargo, commuter or drone platform that greatly expands the prior limits of performance and economy. Because of its efficiency, modular design and scalability this aircraft can be quickly outfitted or changed for the needed mission.

As an Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) technology platform the opportunity space is not limited to a single implementation.

The highly efficient Synergy Technology Platform provides a best-in-class solution for the electrification of quiet, high airspeed, long range, large payload aircraft. Synergy Prime opens up On-Demand, Point-to-Point, Regional Air Mobility (RAM) to more than 13,300 U.S. public and private airfields. Synergy Prime is able to connect urban areas with suburban and rural communities with little to no noise or pollution.

Our patented advantages give our family of aircraft exceptional stability, speed, control and major drag reduction while providing a dramatically more efficient, comfortable and spacious fuselage for passengers or cargo.

These attributes are the right foundation for successfully applying existing and new Smartplane features of autonomy into a truly efficient electric platform. The results, are unprecedented business opportunities in new untapped markets.

The Synergy Technology Platform has been validated using advanced computer modeling, flying scale aircraft and flight simulation.

Synergy Prime is the right investment for Regional Air Mobility (RAM), quality of life and the environment.

Passenger and Cargo movement in our spacious aircraft will be faster, more economical and greener than any other form of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM).

At DBT Aero, we understand that for aircraft to reconnect with their potential customers, or realize their true potential benefit to society, they must be:

  • Carbon Neutral to Carbon Free / Electric Mobility
  • More spacious interior
  • Quieter with a smoother ride
  • Far more affordable, using common fuels and/or battery technologies
  • Simpler to operate
  • Capable of slow, short-field landings
  • Future autonomous
  • Far less expensive to operate
  • Point-to-Point avoiding delays at hub airports
  • Greatly reduce door-to-door travel time
  • Safer for passengers and cargos
  • Adaptable to future propulsion technologies
  • Mass producible

DBT Aero has created the first aircraft that can achieve all of these benefits.

Aviation’s 4th Revolution

Fuel Efficient/Electric

Synergy is three times more fuel efficient than any other aircraft in its class


Synergy uses it unique design to achieve twice the expected speed for a given energy input.


Synergy is far quieter than other aircraft utilizing a rear propulsion system, laminar-flow aerodynamics and submarine-like tail fan


Synergy’s interior is larger than many 6 passenger aircraft with a more compact footprint than many two-seat trainers

Synergy Technology Platform: A leap forward in energy used for momentum obtained

Current aircraft designs do not fully address aerodynamic drag. When drag is not properly addressed, more energy (fuel) is needed to achieve a flight envelope. The Synergy Technology Platform directly attacks the causes of excess energy usage through the most advanced drag reduction available.

One example is the distinctive “Double BoxTail™” configuration—not to be confused with similar looking box wings.


Synergy tails are just the beginning

Synergy Prime’s unique tail on the wings configuration provides many benefits related to stability and high span efficiency. Eliminating so much wing length allows for many other less-visible benefits that provide yet higher speeds, economy, structural strength and compact footprint.

These features in combination provide the 8x improvement required for the Synergy Technology Platform to double the speed per output of the typical aircraft in this category.

These technologies unlock the door to practical electric flight, that can achieve more than 750 mile range on today’s battery technology.

The challenge

DBT Aero’s deep investment in a simplified, modular design utilizing low cost tooling results in revolutionary process times that allow for automotive build economics in aviation.

For Synergy Prime a half mile runway can take you to and from nearly ANYWHERE.

Join us to eliminate the financial, geographic and social distance that divide us.