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🚀 DBT Aero Joins 47G Ecosystem 🚀

DBT joins 47G

DBT Aero Inc. is now part of the prestigious 47G ecosystem, where Utah’s aerospace, defense, and cyber innovation converge.

This strategic is a pivotal move in our commitment to Shaping the Future™ of aviation and strengthening our presence in these vital sectors. We believe collaboration with the 47G ecosystem will open doors to unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth.

I’m also deeply honored to have been appointed to the Board of Governors at 47G. I’m excited about the journey ahead and look forward to contributing to the continued success of this remarkable ecosystem. 🤝

What’s in a name – 47G?

On December 10, 1954, Colonel John Stapp became the fastest man on earth when he strapped himself into a rocket-propelled sled and launched down a 3,500’ track at 632 miles per hour. In the process, he experienced 46.2Gs of acceleration: the greatest ever endured by a test pilot.

The name 47G honors those who have blazed the path of exploration, from the pioneers who settled Utah’s frontier in 1847, to the test pilots who shattered the barriers of speed in the 1950’s—and sets the bar for the impact we seek to have as an organization.

Learn more about 47G and their incredible work in aerospace, defense, and cyber industries here: 47G

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