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DBT Aero Achieves FAA Milestone, Clearing Path for Groundbreaking Sustainable Flight Testing Toward Certified Production

DBT Aero, a pioneering company in sustainable aviation, is thrilled to announce the issuance by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Seattle Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) of a Special Airworthiness Certificate, a major milestone propelling the company towards manned flight testing. This achievement accelerates DBT Aero’s groundbreaking Synergy™ Double Box Tail (DBT) proof of concept, poised to revolutionize the industry.

DBT awarded airworthiness certificate

Left to right is Tom Willis (Designated Airworthiness Representative), Michael Duke, John Paul Noyes (seated), Dennis Daroczy.

The awarding of the Special Airworthiness Certificate followed a meticulous inspection process including a thorough review of records, documents, design specifications, and a physical inspection of the Double Box Tail aircraft. This recognition validates DBT Aero’s adherence to FAA safety and airworthiness standards. The Certificate authorizes DBT Aero to conduct off-ground operations.,

This accomplishment is pivotal in fulfilling the company’s mission to launch sustainable commercial aircraft for businesses, cargo, and passengers by 2027. DBT Aero stands among a select few in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) sector to fulfill FAA certification prerequisites for flight testing.

Michael Duke, Founder and CFO of DBT Aero, expressed his excitement. “This Special Airworthiness Certificate is another milestone in our journey towards bringing sustainable, fast, and affordable air transportation to the world. This accomplishment is a testament to the exceptional teamwork, technological innovation, and commitment to excellence of the entire DBT Aero team,” he declared. “It brings us closer to realizing our vision of a certified production aircraft that will revolutionize future air mobility and aviation sustainability. In the coming year, we plan to accelerate our flight testing program working closely with the FAA.”

John Paul Noyes, CEO and pilot, highlighted the significance of this achievement. “Obtaining the Special Airworthiness Certificate reflects our commitment to safety and the exceptional quality of our aircraft,” he stated. “It recognizes our tireless efforts to develop and apply cutting-edge aviation technology that will redefine the future of air transportation.”

Dennis Daroczy, VP of Operations, added, “This achievement showcases the dedication and expertise that DBT Aero brings to the table. We are proud to be at the forefront of the aviation industry, driving innovation and creating solutions that offer up to five times the efficiency of current comparable aircraft.”

DBT Aero’s innovative approach aims to deliver significant time and cost savings far beyond the capabilities of current aircraft for various sectors, including business and leisure travelers, cargo operators, emergency services, firefighting, and search & rescue to name just a few. Our aim is to surpass distances of 1,000 miles with net-zero carbon emissions.

DBT Aero’s long-term objectives include eliminating aviation carbon emissions, significantly reducing operating costs, and enabling affordable, efficient, comfortable, on-demand regional air mobility (RAM).

With an unwavering commitment to safety, exceptional talent, and groundbreaking technologies, DBT Aero is poised to revolutionize the aviation industry and shape the future of sustainable, efficient air transportation.

About DBT Aero Inc. DBT Aero, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and a development center in Kalispell, MT, was formed in 2019 to commercialize the ultra-efficient aircraft designs and advanced integrated drag reduction technologies pioneered by Synergy Aircraft. DBT Aero has built and tested multiple Swyft™ sub-scale, unmanned aircraft ranging from a 5 foot wingspan 3D printed Group 1 UAV proof of concept to an 11 foot wingspan high speed & payload, long range Group 3 UAV proof of concept. The company is currently taxi & flight testing the manned Synergy™ proof of concept.

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