DBT Aero Announces Flight of Swyft™ 3D Printed UAS, Paving the Way for Sustainable Flight

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — DBT Aero, an emerging leader in the future of transportation, achieved another milestone in its pursuit of ultra-efficient, sustainable and safe flight. The company showcased their patented Double Box Tail (DBT) technology in the design and successful test flight of a 3D printed Group 1 UAS. This is DBT Aero’s third successful sub-scale demonstrator of their manned prototype. DBT Aero has also designed and test flown Group 2 and Group 3 scale UAS.

The aircraft was developed in collaboration with 3DAeroventures and sponsored by HiTEC, House of Balsa and ZAP Adhesives. The maiden flight took place on September 11, 2022 at the El Paso Radio Controller’s Field.  A 15-minute video describing the project and featuring the maiden flight can be seen here.

DBT Aero’s Swyft™ family of UAS are highly modular and scalable, with a low number of integrated parts, making it simpler to manufacture and maintain.

DBT Aero’s unique aerodynamic insights and proprietary technology dovetail perfectly with today’s demands for sustainable aviation without payload, range or speed compromises.

The patented Double Box Tail (DBT) configuration offers greater stability and control, leading to a smoother ride for passengers, cargo and more accurate data acquisition. This extraordinary swept wing aircraft design also enables a broad flight envelope of both high speed and slow flight reducing door-to-door travel and delivery times and increasing data acquisition loiter times.

DBT Aero believes sustainable aviation solutions begin with ultra-efficient aircraft designs paired with sustainable propulsion systems. DBT’s proprietary technology is compatible with future propulsion technologies including battery electric, fuel cell electric, hybrid, sustainable aviation fuel, and hydrogen engines.

The resulting synergy of aerodynamics and system optimization holds the promise for affordable, fast, and quiet flight for Regional Air Mobility (RAM) of passengers and cargo as well as BVLOS UAS missions. The company’s technology is designed to offer the lowest cost per seat-mile or cost per ton-mile at high mid-Mach speeds while being carbon neutral to carbon free.

The company’s technology promises to open up new markets and improve the efficiency of existing ones, providing an attractive alternative to traditional transportation modes and UAS missions. With its low operating cost, mass manufacturability, and long-range capabilities, DBT Aero’s Swyft™ family of aircraft are poised to transform the future of flight.

About DBT Aero Inc.  DBT Aero, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT and a development center in Kalispell, MT, was formed in 2019 to commercialize the ultra-efficient aircraft designs and advanced integrated drag reduction technologies pioneered by Synergy Aircraft. DBT Aero has built and tested multiple Swyft™ unmanned aircraft ranging from a 5 foot wingspan 3D printed Group 1 UAV proof of concept to an 11 foot wingspan high payload, long range, high speed Group 3 UAV proof of concept. Just months away from full envelope flight testing, the company is currently taxi testing the manned “Synergy Prime” proof of concept to permanently solve the problems impeding profitable, carbon free or carbon neutral, on-demand regional air mobility (RAM).